About Us

The world is transforming at the speed of light and mobile based IT platforms are changing human interaction with technology. Mobile technology and applications are the thing of the future and demands you to be a part of it. MGenius is a specialized training initiative promoted by MobiTrail - a well respected firm in the field of Mobile based IT products with a formidable reputation of over a decade and its vast experience in mobile applications, day to day industry contact and a team of domain experts.

Industry Oriented

Building industry oriented Mobile IT knowledge base through focused course content.

Channelize IT skills

Channelize existing IT skills to suit the evolving industry requirements.


Offer practical training and certifications in Mobile IT which will enhance your professional skills.

Our pedagogy is practical oriented with:

  • Mentoring from Industry professionals.
  • Opportunities and support towards entrepreneurial or freelance work on completion of course.
  • Project based training and evaluations.
  • Certification on successful completion of course.