Base to Android

Duration: 25 Hours

enables you to understand coding in java

  • Introduction
  • Data types
  • Enumerations
  • Iterations
  • Arrays
  • Exceptions
  • Android Teens
  • Inheritance
  • Packages
  • Classes
  • Control Flow Statements

Android Teens

Duration: 25 Hours

Prepares you to design simple native android applications.

  • Introduction to Android
  • Basic Widgets and Activity
  • Grid View and Adapters
  • Shared Preferences
  • Running First Program
  • Life cycle View Components
  • Working with List View

Android Pro

Duration: 30 Hours

Developer capability for system integrated android applications with dynamic features, API Integrations and advanced coding.

  • Advanced Components in Android
  • Animations, Fonts and WebView
  • Android Notifications
  • Advanced List View
  • Introduction to HTTP Client and Async Programming services
  • SQLite database connectivity
  • Sending notifications from backend server using GCM using camera to capture image and video location and maps

Course Technique


Practical Based Approach

MGenius has a practical oriented approach to learning. Students are mentored by industry professionals, who have been working in the Android development space for over 5 years and on multiple projects.



Based on the projects and tests conducted at regular intervals during the duration of the course, students are evaluated to ensure the learning is through. A completion certificate is only provided at the end of the course if the student successfully completes with satisfactory results.


Post Completion

MGenius is eager to support its student with various in-house opportunities and provide support towards the ones who choose to become entrepreneurs after the course.