The best in class Board eMeeting solution


Innovative Paperless Meetings

Streamline your meetings with simple, intutive paperless meetings reducing paper work drastically.

Protect your Organisation Doc

Enforces organisation document protection policies using centralized removal of notes or access rights to the user by an admin.

Improved Document Access

Easy access to document with ability to search, annote & bookmark your documents prior to meetings.

Online-Offline Experience

The Application works in both online-offline mode.All notes created offline sync seamlessly when users are back in online mode.

MeetingBox is an effective way for Board Directors to accesss the Board & Comittee Papers and supplementary information directly on to their iPad device.This solution enables efficient secure access to the Company Corporate Board Papers. The platform has the collaboration enabled for quick decision making through a collaborative approach.

Highly Secured Application

The information is stored in a secure data center with state of art security features.

Dual Trusted Security

The App in App functionality is build to ensure dual trusted security. The Key App would register the user to allow installation of the eMeetings Application.

Fully Encrypted

The fully encrypted App do not integrate with other untrusted apps on the iPad, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected from unauthorised sources.


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